Why Summer is the Best Time of Year for Teen Rhinoplasty

You probably don’t think of scheduling cosmetic procedures when you think about what to do during your summer break. However, if you are a teenager, this is the perfect time to get a rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job. Here we’ll cover why summer is the best time for teen rhinoplasty and how you can benefit from getting one now.

  1. New Beginnings

Summer comes with a new beginning for many teens. Whether you’re going off to college or starting your first job, it’s time to start living on your own. The need for an updated look comes with the end of school and/or the start of a new job. Getting a nose job during this time will help you feel more confident and ready to take on anything that comes your way. When you start your new life, you must have new goals. Teenagers often are subconscious about their appearance. By getting a rhinoplasty during your teen years, you will be able to see yourself in a different light, especially if you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your nose. A nose job can significantly impact your self-esteem while simultaneously improve your nasal breathing.

  1. You Have More Time to Recover

Teenagers usually don’t have as much time off from school or work as they would like. This can make recovering after surgery difficult, especially if you have school or work commitments on top of recovery time. During your summer break, however, you have plenty of time off from school and work to focus all of your energy on getting healthy again following the procedure. If your school or workplace has a summer vacation program, you can plan by taking time off now rather than later during the year.

  1. Your Body Is in Its Most Relaxed State

Teenagers will often get nervous about certain situations and events, especially during the stressful time of the school year. During summer, however, your body is in its most relaxed state. You are more likely to be calm, and in a good mental state when entering the operating room. When your body is relaxed, it’s easier for doctors to perform surgery without causing pain or discomfort. The calming effects of summer can help you get the surgery done in a safe and relaxing environment.

  1. Fewer Patients Are Looking For Cosmetic Procedures

You may be wondering why it is so much easier to get a rhinoplasty during the summer months. Well, fewer people seek cosmetic surgery in the summer. Surgeons will have much more time to consider your case and ensure you are a good candidate for surgery. Most people are on vacation at the beach or in their hometown during this time of year. Fewer people will interfere with your recovery, and you will have plenty of time to heal.

  1. You Can Stay Active While Recovering

Summer offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and get a tan. You will be able to do important things for your recovery, like swimming, playing sports, and spending time with friends. These activities before surgery will help you build strength and stamina for the long recovery period. Summer is also the perfect season to start exercising and become more active. You can work on your strength and build your endurance prior to recovering from surgery, once you receive approval from your doctor.

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