Neck Liposuction

Many individuals desire a smooth, youthful, and crisp neckline and jawline that enhances their overall appearance and makes them look as young as they feel. Neck liposuction is an easy and effective procedure with minimal downtime to help men and women achieve a more refined and thinner neck or underchin areaIf you have stubborn fat in your neck, underchin, or along your jawline, neck liposuction may be an excellent procedure for you to take years off of your appearance for a boost in confidence and get rid off those turtle neck sweaters 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does neck liposuction cost?

The cost of neck liposuction can vary, depending on several factors, including the amount of treatment needed for your desired outcome, treatment location (office vs. operating room), among other factors. After a thorough assessment, Dr. Walker will create a customized treatment plan for your needs and desires. During your consultation, a member of Dr. Walker’s team can also discuss payment methods and where you can find low-interest financing for your neck liposuction procedure. Although finances are important, you should focus on finding a skilled and caring surgeon you trust rather than on the cost associated with your procedure. Dr. Walker’s team will be happy to go over financing options with you.

Does insurance cover the cost of neck liposuction?

Neck liposuction is considered a cosmetic procedure and therefore is not covered by insurance.

Will I have visible scarring after neck liposuction?

Dr. Walker places small incisions for neck liposuction in areas where they can be easily concealed. The incision below your chin is precisely placed into your pre-existing skin crease, and the tiny incisions below the earlobes, if necessary, heal beautifully without visible long-term scarring. All incisions are therefore designed to fall into natural folds of your skin or just below your jawline where they will be virtually invisible. Dr. Walker or a member of his team will go over scar management options as part of your post-procedure instructions so your incisions heal the best way possible.

Will the fat come back after neck liposuction?

Neck liposuction removes fat cells permanently from the neck so it cannot re-grow even if you gain some general body weight. However, if you gain a large amount of weight following a liposuction procedure, your neck may get larger since the remaining fat cells will expand. Dr. Walker recommends you be at a stable and final target weight before you undergo a neck liposuction.

Should I get a neck lift or neck liposuction?

During your consultation, Dr. Walker will help you understand if you should undergo a neck lift, neck liposuction, or both. In general, a lift helps remove excess skin, while neck liposuction reduces fat. The two procedures are complementary to each other and address different issues. In many cases, getting both a neck lift and neck liposuction can yield beautiful results for a smooth, even neckline. During your consultation with Dr. Walker, he will listen to your goals, address your concerns, and create a unique treatment plan with you and for you.

Can neck liposuction be combined with other facial procedures?

Neck liposuction is often combined with other procedures such as a neck lift, facial fillers, or chin implant placement.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to neck liposuction?

Although neck liposuction is a minor surgical procedure, a non-surgical alternative is Kybella®. Kybella® is a synthetically-made enzyme we naturally have in our bile that dissolves fat. The advantage of Kybella® is that it does not need any small access incisions and is not considered a surgical procedure. The disadvantage is that most patients require multiple sessions of Kybella® and oftentimes the number of sessions is slightly unpredictable. Plus the contouring during a neck liposuction can be done more precisely than with Kybella®. There is a misconception among clients regarding the downtime of the two procedures. The downtime for Kybella® and neck liposuction is actually quite similar as Kybella® also leads to bruising and swelling. Liposuction removes the excess fat mechanically pulling it out of your body, whereas Kybella destroys the fat cells in your body but the fat stays behind and gets cleared through your immune system, a process which takes a few weeks. Neck liposuction always works as it mechanically removes the fat, whereas Kybella® relies on “chemical” processes and your immune system to get rid off the stubborn fat.

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