When is the Best Time to Get a Facelift?

Thoughts of plastic surgery can be overwhelming, especially when trying to discover the right option for yourself. That being said, a facelift is an excellent choice for rejuvenating your appearance, especially your jawlione, jowling, and neck. Most people have ideas about the facelift, including what it is and what it can accomplish. Although the best way to learn more about the right procedure for you is by meeting with your board-certified plastic surgeon, here are a few things to know about the facelift and whether it’s right for you.

The Best Age for a Facelift

One of the biggest hesitancies that many patients experience is whether the facelift is appropriate for someone their age. Generally, a facelift is not appropriate for anybody under the age of 30 although the trend of starting age is getting younger and younger with minimally invasive facelifts.. Individuals in their mid-40s often get the best outcomes with minimally-invasive procedures like the mini facelift. But in many instances, the traditional facelift works best for people in their 50s to 60s when signs of aging start to become prevalent.

Droopy cheeks, deepening of smile lines, jowling, sagging skin, wrinkles, and deep lines are the usual outcome of the aging process and can be best improved through surgical procedures rather than non-surgical. Nevertheless, there is no specific age to keep in mind when considering a facelift since everyone ages differently. This means the best way to judge whether it’s the right time for a facelift is whether you’re bothered by moderate to severe aging signs – and when your favorite non-surgical facial rejuvenation options no longer produce the results you want.

Types of Facelifts

There are various types of facelifts, and Dr. Walker can help you determine the right one for you.

Traditional Facelift

This is also called a full facelift. It’s perfect for patients with moderate to severe signs of aging all around the neck and jawline. This type of facelift works by reshaping and removing excess fat tissue and skin, lifting and repositioning deeper tissue that gets suspended in a youthful and more upright position.

Mini Facelift

This kind of facelift is best for individuals who only want minimal improvement around the lower face. It’s a perfect option if you have mild to moderate signs of aging. The mini facelift uses a nominal incision and comes along with significantly reduced downtime as opposed to a traditional facelift.

Neck Lift

For patients with considerable signs of sagging skin around the neck, a neck lift is one of the best options. It can remove excess skin and fat for a more defined look to the jawline and chin. For more complete and well-rounded facial rejuvenation, a neck lift is best performed with a facelift.

Facelift Combination Procedure

Facelift surgeries and other cosmetic facial procedures are frequently combined, like brow lifts,  eyelid lifts, upper lip lift, and fat transfers for a more transformative and complete facial rejuvenation. This means that combining multiple cosmetic facial procedures is often better and more effective than undergoing many surgeries at different times. It can also be more effective, cheaper, and require less downtime. Your plastic surgeon can help you determine the right customized treatment plan based on your goals.

Schedule a Consultation

The best way to learn more about your facial rejuvenation options is by meeting with your board-certified plastic surgeon. We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Walker at our Atlanta office by calling or filling out our online form.